Shopify Plus: Overview of Marketing Attribution Software

As marketing budgets tighten and iOS 14.5 continues to turn the ecommerce world upside down, it’s more important than ever to have a complete picture of your marketing efforts. 

Consider these facts:

🚫 96% of US users opt-out of being tracked by iOS 14.5 

🪦 Facebook’s 28-day marketing attribution window is dead

🤯 40-60% of Shopify purchases/events no longer display in ads managers

That’s why Shopify merchants across all industries are turning to marketing attribution software to figure out what the hell is going on with their return on ad spend (ROAS).

Chances are, you’re looking to do the same. 

So to do you a solid, we’ve put together a list of the top five best marketing attribution software for Shopify Plus merchants. 

Here we go. 

1. Triple Whale 

Initially founded in 2021 solely as a marketing attribution software, Triple Whale has since expanded into a full ecommerce operating system bringing financial, creative, affiliate marketing, and ad attribution data under one roof. 

Using its proprietary ‘Triple Pixel’, Triple Whale measures and analyzes your first-party data to the ad level, helping businesses better plan marketing campaigns and attribute ROI. 

The marketing attribution software is packed with features, including customer journey data, LTV cohort analysis, and ad account segmentation, all of which can be viewed on a single sleek, comprehensive dashboard. 

Key features and benefits 

  • Full-featured mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Customizable dashboards and automated reporting
  • Track first-party customer purchase data with the server-side ‘Triple Pixel’
  • Real-Time blended ROAS tracking
  • Native integrations with Facebook, Snap, TikTok, Shopify, and more. 


With a three-tiered pricing model, Triple Whale Attribution software starts at a $300 per month Dashboard plan and ranges up to $450 per month for the ‘Full Whale’ Plan, which includes access to FinHub, Affluencer Hub, and the Creative Cockpit. 

2. Rockerbox

Rockerbox is a multi-touch marketing attribution software that helps companies make data-driven marketing decisions from launch to IPO. 

Unlike other tools that focus solely on paid digital media, Rockerbox leverages the power of 200+ integrations and its ‘Synthetic Events’ attribution approach to track all marketing data from social channels and Google ads to direct mail, podcasts, sponsorships, OTT, and more. All data is delivered in a sleek UI, clearly outlining key marketing metrics like cost-per-acquisition and ROAS, along with granular data around specific advertising channels. 

Rockerbox also offers several analytics tools around incrementality testing, conversion path, visitor analysis, and creative experiments. 

Key features and benefits 

  • Ability to measure both online and offline marketing attribution data
  • Data warehousing and Google sheets integrations
  • View-through ad attribution data on Facebook and Pinterest 
  • Cross-channel marketing dashboard 


With marketing attribution software explicitly designed for Shopify merchants, Rockerbox offers three plans: Free, Starter, and Scale. The Starter Plan starts at $150 per month and increases up to $100,000 per month of ad spend. 

3. Northbeam

Northbeam is a universal marketing attribution software that helps ecommerce brands build confidence in their media buying decisions and scale profitability in the process. 

Like Triple Whale, the Northbeam attribution software offers a proprietary pixel that collects first-party data from every marketing channel, customer touchpoint, and conversion. From there, it creates a centralized dashboard of all data sources and uses advanced data models and machine learning to reveal which metrics, campaigns, and goals are driving performance and ROI. 

Key features and benefits 

  • Eight sophisticated marketing attribution models
  • AI-powered view-through data models
  • Customizable omnichannel reporting
  • Detailed customer journeys
  • Marketing attribution window comparisons and revenue forecasting
  • 200+ integrations and access to the Rockerbox API


Northbeam’s pricing is not listed on-site but, according to this user, it starts at $800 per month. 

4. Cometly

Cometly is a robust ad attribution software that helps Shopify merchants manage, analyze, and scale cross-channel ad campaigns. 

Like many of its competitors, Cometly offers a proprietary ad-tracking pixel that delivers real-time marketing attribution data. From there, The Comet Pixel feeds all accurately tracked data directly into the ads manager, where marketers can change budgets, optimize ads, and even turn ads on/off entirely. This data is also sent directly back to the native ad platform, which massively improves the targeting and optimization of ad campaigns. In addition, a pre-configured automation feature, which will adjust ad optimization when specific conditions are met, is slated to launch in Q1 2023.  

When combined with the Comet Events feature, advertisers can track all conversion events across any funnel, store, or website, whether it be purchases, leads, or booked calls.

Key features and benefits 

  • Accurate ad attribution
  • Analyze, manage, and optimize ads
  • Uses Conversion APIs to send accurate data back to native ad platforms
  • Track any website or marketing funnel
  • Manage unlimited Shopify Stores


Cometly offers customers a free plan to track up to $3,000 in ad spend. All paid plans are customized based on a Shopify merchant’s specific size and feature needs. 

5. Tydo

Tydo is a one-stop shop for ecommerce analytics, providing Shopify merchants with a clear look into all facets of their business, from marketing to finance and customer cohorts. 

While Tydo doesn’t provide marketing attribution specifically, it does integrate with all ad platforms and tools, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Klaviyo, to give a full-picture overview of your marketing efforts. 

But what truly sets Tydo apart is its Email Reports feature. Each day, or on another cadence of your choice, Tydo delivers an automated performance report highlighting all critical areas of your business, from specific ad channels to operations, acquisition, and more. Reports can be further customized with specific goals and targets to track and manage progress. 

Agencies or owners of multiple stores can further segment this data through the Tydo Portfolio product. 

Key features and benefits

  • Aggregate data from all marketing sources
  • Build comprehensive, modular data visualizations 
  • Email Reports 
  • Portfolio analytics hub


Tydo offers a plan for every store and size, with both free and paid options starting at $1,000 per month. 

Accurate marketing attribution is no longer a nice to have. It’s a necessity for survival. For founders and marketers, this means carefully tracking data across all marketing channels, including influencer and affiliate. 

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