Protect your store from coupon code leaks

Vigilance actively monitors your coupon code leaks and blocks injections from popular code aggregators like Honey, CapitalOne Shopping, and Piggy.

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Vigilance is a Shopify Plus app designed to block coupon code leaks and give merchants a clear view of their coupon code usage.

Stay Vigilant With Active Coupon Code Monitoring

Monitor your active coupon codes in real time and stay alert when a leak occurs. Automate your leak response and set up the best protocols to protect your brand.

Block Relentless Coupon Injection Apps & Extensions

Ecommerce store owners constantly suffer from coupon code aggregators such as Honey, Capital One Shopping, and Piggy. Stop these extensions all together and save money, time, and resources.

Clean Up Affiliate, Creator, & Influencer Attribution

Leaked affiliate and influencer codes cause skewed numbers and inaccurate data. Vigilance helps clean up affiliate marketing attribution and conversion sales data.

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Tailor and Automate Your Coupon Defense Measures

Configure your Vigilance settings to best suit your brand's needs.

Real-Time Coupon Code Monitoring and Protection

Analyze your active coupon codes and see (and protect) leaks in real time.

No More Coupon Leaks.

Get notified when your coupon codes are leaked online. Block leaked coupon codes and create new ones in a matter of seconds.

Block Coupon Extension Injections.

Prevent browser extensions from automatically injecting leaked coupon codes at checkout. Save time, money & resources by stopping leaks at the source.

Clean up Affiliate Attribution.

Detect, tag, and clean up your coupon code usage attribution. Stop paying for affiliate and influencer fees attributed to a code leak.

How does Vigilance work?


Install our Shopify Plus app to your store

Head to our Shopify Plus app page here and install our app on your store with a click of a button.


Add the Vigilance javaScript snippet to your Checkout

Copy the code snippet from your Vigilance Settings page and paste it just above the closing </head> tag in the checkout.liquid file of your store.


Configure your coupon code leak defense settings and protect your sales right away

Configure your settings and customize the best response for your brand. Automate certain protocols and allow Vigilance to work for you in the background.

Stop coupon leaks at the source and clean up affiliate attribution.

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